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Configure invoice and packing slip

This plugin lets you personalize and apply your store branding on the invoice and packing slip PDFs without needing to change any code
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How do I install the Invoice and Packing slip plugin?

1. Once you have downloaded the plugin, extract/unzip the plugin.

2. Once unzipped open up the unzipped file and you should see all the supported version of our plugin.

3. Locate the folder that matches the version of nopcommerce you are currently running and open it.

4. Now you will find the plugin that needs to uploaded to your site.

5. If you are going to upload it directly to the server you can do so now

6. If you are going to upload the plugin to your site using the backend/admin panel, please zip this folder before uploading

How do I change the width of table cells on the pdf?

Instead of the ‘width’ property in a column, we can use 'colspan’ attribute (which is standard in HTML table definition).

For example, if there is two columns, the ratio is 20% and 80%. Then the attribute will be like:

For more information, please read this documentation